Essences In Sachets Reduces Freight Cost

Test sale – essences packed in sachets to reduce freight cost and save our environment,

Test price only US$ 1.95 each.

We have packed 16 great essences in 4 layer laminate sachets. This not only make them much stronger – one can drop a sachet and nothing happens – it also save our environment. The alu cap on the bottle alone require more energy to be produced then the whole sachet. Then there is the glass bottle. But the largest savings is in transportation. A sachet with essence weight 1/4 of a bottle of essence. Great savings in freight and energy for freight.

Here it make it possible – because of the low weight – to send the essence sachets as a first class letter. Then, freight becomes affordable. We have set up a shop here where you can order essences to be sent as a letter (minimum order 10 sachets).

Click here to order essences in sachets to be sent as a letter, Return Receipt Request.

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