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We would never damage our reputation by spamming. We respect your privacy and your email address is safe with us. It is handled as confidential information, and given the same privacy we provide for: distillery and brewing industry costumers

It is our policy to keep the names of our clients and everything about their purchases confidential. We do this even without a written agreement. All of our staff has signed a declaration to keep everything confidential that is not public.

We are the only company, as far as we know, that provides distillery and wine industry quality products to consumers. No one else offers real whiskey yeast or supplies an assortment of close to 200 essences. Much info that we share regards our new inventions. Like Turbo Yeast and the method that increases the power of activated carbon by 100%.

Our next announcement will be about a free service whereby you can make your own personalized labels for any brew or event! If you unsubscribe, you will miss that and everything that follows.

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Consider carefully before you log off! Why not stay in our data base? We only send out email a few times a year.

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