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Prestige essenser till konsumenter och destillerier.

Mail Order Freight Costs

The products you order from us are of excellent quality. We could sell products for much less by using cheap essences, far east instruments, activated carbon that does not work, and bakers yeast labeled as turbos . . . but we will not compromise on quality. We supply top quality for both amateurs and pros. In most countries you will find our prices low compared to prices in home brew shops.

The price of freight is high, because it is the first kilo that cost most. There are ways to lower the cost.

Before going further, please note this link to The Classic 164 Currency Converter, which can can convert SEK to any currency, including $US.

The following kilos are much cheaper. So when you order more items in fewer shipments or you order together with a friend, the freight cost per item goes down drastically.

Country Post starting fee Freight per started kilos
Norway SEK 140 SEK 10
Scandinavia ( CM ) SEK 175 SEK 12,50
Baltic states SEK 140 SEK 10
Europe ( CM ) SEK 175 SEK 25
USA/Canada SEK 140 SEK 40
Australia, NZ SEK 140 SEK 60
Others SEK 140 SEK 50

CM = common market

We will ship your order as "samples of no commercial value" if you not tell us not to do so.
It can make importing easier for you. Also, we are looking for retailers worldwide and hope you are interested after testing our quality.