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Lotto outside the United States

This lotto is not open to US citizens, sorry for that.

We recommend this lotto to all others

The best lotto that I’ve found is the AU Lotto. The great thing about it is that you can play online and cut out the middlemen that would otherwise come between you and the lotto company.  So if you win, the money wouldn’t be transferred through anyone else’s hands before it gets to you. Short version: this lotto is safe.

Guaranteed jackpot of minimum ten million Australian Dollars

In the AU Lotto, you are guaranteed a jackpot of minimum ten million Australian Dollars. This is great if you are interested in winning it big, rather than dealing with the little lotto’s.  To play in the AU Lotto, you only need to pay 95 cent/ticket for Monday or Wednesday lotto and you can play weekly if you want.

My best tips is to pay the Tuesday Oz-tickets for dollar 2.2 with a guaranteed jackpot of 10 million AU dollars.

Note: you can auto purchase a ticket with minimum Jackpots. This jackpot can be set to 10 millions, 15 Millions or 20 Millions. Also lower, 2 and 5 Millions.

Go for 10 Millions or more!

You can play forward in time, I always play for 10 weeks.  By going to the AU Lotto web site you can view the drawings, so that you know instantly if you win. 

Give luck a chance, play one ticket a week.

Tax free lotto winnings

Another great benefit of playing in the AU Lotto is that you don’t have to pay any taxes on your winnings, because it is state run.  Since the AU lotto is open to nearly everyone, they have made it easier for people to play by allowing you to pay with credit card.  If you are hesitant about playing the AU lotto because you aren’t sure if you can trust that you will get your winnings, you can easily put your mind at rest.

They are on the stock exchange, a huge company that have paid out many big winns. Ther are representatives od the AU state lotteries. 

You are getting a ticket for free to test them for free.

Click here to go to AU Lotto