Welcome To Gert Strand AB

Welcome to Gert Strand AB

The world's finest essences plus tutorials on using sg and oechslescale hydrometers

Welcome! Here you’ll find liquor and liqueur essences, candy shots, turbo yeasts and supplies for distilleries, home distillers and home brewers. Our goal is to produce the worlds best essences and turbo yeasts and to sell only top quality. Our assortment of essences is the world’s largest and the same top quality we sell to distilleries. You can also get the best activated carbons, Raschig rings, supplies and German glass instruments here.

We gladly share our 47 years of knowledge. Many inventions in this field (like Turbo Yeast) originate with us. Read about Turbo Yeast. Learn more than some competing turbo yeast manufacturers. Learn our new method for using activated carbon with 100-150% better results – only by knowing how and why to use the activated carbon in this new way. Learn everything about the hydrometer – with illustrations. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news. There will be new products and interesting news in the coming years…and please bookmark this page.

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