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To copy and save the graphics to your hard drive, right click your mouse on the graphic and choose Save Image As (or Save Picture As). Upload the graphic to the same directory as your Web page on your server. Copy and paste the following HTML code to your Web site. You may use the same procedure for the two buttons shown below.

<!–Begin banner coding–> <DIV ALIGN=”center”> <A HREF=”“> <IMG SRC=”partyban1.gif” WIDTH=”468″ HEIGHT=”60″ BORDER=”0″ ALT=”Link to Gert Strand’s site – partyban1.gif – file size 8.38k”></A></DIV> <!–End banner coding–>

Essences, Distilling Info, Turbo Yeast & More

To create a text link like the one above, copy & paste the code below:

<DIV ALIGN=”center”><A HREF=”“><FONT SIZE=”4″ COLOR=”#0000FF”><b>Gert Strand’s Essences, Distilling Info, Turbo Yeast & More!</b></FONT></a></DIV>

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