The Hydrometer Sweetness for Diabetics

THE HYDROMETERSweetness for Diabetics

Basic facts:

The only suitable wines for diabetics are those with
low residual sugar (max. 4 grammes sugar/litre).

Wine contains residual sugar and extract.
Hydrometer degrees x 2 in wine where the alcohol has been
extracted = grammes of residual sugar.

To determine the residual sugar content (sugar + extract),
the alcohol must be removed by boiling, otherwise the
result will be inaccurate.Measure off 200 ml wine and boil it until there is 100 ml left.Add water to revert to the original volume as the alcoholhas boiled away.When cooled to room temperature, takea hydrometer reading (with Oechslescale) and multiply thereading by 2. For example, if the hydrometer reads 3 degrees,

  • then the residual sugar will be 6 grammes of sugar per litre. Diabetics are advised to drink totally fermented extra dry wines.
  • Such wines often have good flavour, but the shelf life is reduced. Usually such wines should be consumed within one year.
  • Follow up the development of flavour and make notes.
  • Particularly suitable are wines made from dried fruit, supplemented with advantage with 1 kg of grape juice. White wine made from the
  • Chardonnay grape is also suitable. Wine containing lots of extract

compensates for the lack of residual sugar, and has a good flavour and shelf life +3º Oechsle

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