Overview and uses of SG Hydrometer

Hydrometer with Oechslescale

  • Determine when the wine is fully fermented
  • Calculate how much alcohol has been developed in the wine
  • Find out how much sugar to add to impart the correct body
  • Check that fermentation is in progress
  • Check the wine for dryness
  • Determine when the wine should be drawn off
  • Check progress of fermentation
  • Calculate how much sugar is needed to give a required alcohol strength
  • Check that wine is not too dry, which ruins flavour, fullness and keeping quality
  • Calculate chaptalisation (sugar added to or after fermentation)
  • Working out incremental sugar dosing of strong wine (if to much is added at one time fermentation will be inhibited)
  • Check sugar content at start of fermentation, following up to see when fermentation has ceased

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